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Listen in to enhance your company, your upskilling,

and your employment opportunities!

PTD 010120.jpg
PTD Episode 1--Art 030120.jpg
Episode 1--Hidden gem—Western Guilford HS TDL program building talent bench for Triad logistics/
supply chain companies

Featured guest:  Art Close, instructor at Western Guilford High School's TDL (Transportation, Distribution, Logistics) Signature Academy

rob z pic 080320.png
Episode 2--Data-driven supply chain decisions--Inmar retail buying intelligence and reverse logistics, connecting people and processes via "frictionless" technology

Featured guest:  Rob Zomok, President of Logistics and Compliance Technology at Inmar Intelligence, headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC

amy m pic 102220.png
Episode 3--Keeping America's freight moving--NC's largest privately-held Truckload carrier based in the Triad--Epes Transport System, LLC

Featured guest:  Amy Medlin, Sr. Director of Quality & Talent Development at Epes Transport System, LLC

sam 060621.jpg

Featured guest:  Sam Chinnis, GTCC Supply Chain

Instructor and Program Coordinator

patrick 052922.png

Featured guest:  Patrick Davis, Executive Director

dave p at spi 090922.png

Featured guest:  Dave Philips, Deputy Director of Int'l Projects

dana h pic 041123.png

Featured guest:  Dana Hall, President

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